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Ubs graduate talent program review

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Do you guys have an idea when we'd hear back? Have you received a confirmation for a certain of the 7 timeslots your phone interview for Zurich will be taking place in? Had mine on Tuesday, 28th January But maybe they only confirmed it because the first time slot I chose was already full and they were kind enough to let me choose another one.

I got an email today saying they are in the review process and will be letting us know in "due course", anyone else get an update? I applied for the New York one. They called me and said they're still considering resumes, but we should be notified around mid-week I guess today or tomorrow then. I had received an email saying that I had been discarded, but apparently it was just a mistake of the system.

Then I was told that I was still being considered. Let's see. And no, still nothing.

ubs graduate talent program review

I applied to the London office, did the assessment, got an email saying they'll contact me in due course. Anyone heard back from the London one yet? I applied in New York and just got an email saying that they are not going to proceed further with my application. Hopefully, you are luckier than me! New York applicant here: haven't heard anything at all. London here as well. I am waiting for their reply too. It's been a month since i heard from them after the online assessment.

Just been invited for a final round yesterday. It's a telephone interview, as I applied to Zurich but study in London. DTopolanek - did you have the first round or it's just like a superday via phone? Is anyone here who got a rejection email? It seems to me that they are selecting people and will send out rejection emails after finally see what's the offer acceptance rate.

My first interview was with HR. They asked me about my essay, about the industry, why UBS and so on. Not really tough, some competency questions as well.Hi everyone, I just came across this offer and I'm pretty confused about the actual content of the program.

Are you ready to work in the factory of the bank? We're looking for someone like that to Take the first step in building a career in the Service Delivery To play an active part in the Service Delivery Work hard to bring the department to the next level Experience three unique rotations within Service Delivery that will show you how the bank works Graduate Talent Program Our Graduate Talent Program GTP lasts 18 months.

You'll be directly involved in day-to-day operations, working with professionals and gaining first-hand experience of our business. As well as on-the-job learning, you'll get training on the financial markets, our products and other core business topics.

2020 Graduate Talent Program - Global Banking - London

Rotational assignments are a key part of the program. By taking on other roles in related departments, you'll gain a wider perspective.

ubs graduate talent program review

Besides all that, you'll attend networking events, cross-business classes and social occasions where you'll get to know us. We roughly have 2' employees and you will be one of them. And last but not least you will be on a rotation for 6 months in the Wealth Management Middle Office - the ideal combination of front and back office. I'm a BS grad looking to possibly break into PWMUBS's would be a good name, location zurich as well, but the content of the program seems, well, confusing and a bit vague, do you guys think it would be a good start?

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ubs graduate talent program review

Don't Allow Allow. Start Discussion. See Highest Ranked Comments.Congratulations on signing up for GradTests. We've emailed your log-in details to. You can change your password in the My Account section.

With GradTests, you can track your performance over time, and compare yourself to your job rivals. See the Test Results after you complete a test. Each question comes with an explanation of the answer, and we are currently rolling out video explanations for all our questions too. You have a free account, which means you have access to 1 full length verbal reasoning test, numerical reasoning test and diagrammatic reasoning test. That's practice questions covering numerical, verbal and diagrammatic SHL-style tests.

You can easily upgrade from the My Packages section. UBS is a leading corporate adviser in domestic and Australasian cross border transactions and also the leading house for execution of large block trades. It provides comprehensive investment banking and asset management services to its clients through combination of local insight and credentials.

The firm is continuous in leading the bond market in Australia and has accomplished more deals than any other banks for the past 10 years in Australasian. You will be provided with strong foundation for your future career in financial services. Interns and graduates of the program are highly encourage to bring out their best.

GradTests Benefits Get detailed answers on all questions Prepare for the real thing with our simulated test environment Track your performance over time Best preparation for grad and internship applications Compare your performance to your job rivals.

No Thanks. Select Test Sign Up Log in. Create a Free Account. Your time's up. Sign up now to see your results and the correct answers with full explanations. Welcome Back! Remember Me. UBS Graduate Talent Program UBS is a leading corporate adviser in domestic and Australasian cross border transactions and also the leading house for execution of large block trades.

Back to Jobs. Verbal Reasoning Tests. Numerical Reasoning Test. Inductive Reasoning Test. All rights reserved.A brief explanation of these competencies can be found on the 'how we assess you' page in the 'students and graduates' section of its website.

Here you can find out how to demonstrate these competencies in your application form, during the video interview and at the assessment centre. Analysis is a major part of problem solving because you will have to weigh up and scrutinise information to come up with a solution. Find out more about problem solving. Make sure you have prepared an example from university, work or your extracurricular activities when you faced and overcame a problem.

You could be asked specifically about this at interview. Remember to think about and include the analytical part of the process. The ability and confidence to use your own judgement and make decisions will be just as important in your first year at UBS as they will be in your tenth.

This will involve making judgements and decisions on what information to include. If you had a taste of this type of responsibility during an internship, mention it in interview.

Graduate Talent Program 2017, UBS

However, you may also be tested for this aptitude during the assessment daywhich in previous years has been said to include a presentation and group discussion. Read our tips on assessment centres and group tasks to prepare for this. In the financial services market, banks compete by being innovative. New ideas, having the courage to go against the grain and trying things out are essential to help the bank not only move with the times but get ahead of them.

You could include it in the extracurricular section, which states: 'Please provide details relating to your hobbies, activities and interests. Also include any additional information you think is relevant to your application, including positions of responsibility, membership of any student or other organizations, travel experience or scholarships'. Alternatively, use your experiences to explain why you chose UBS as an employer. Perhaps this innovative way of thinking appeals to you.

ubs graduate talent program review

UBS seeks graduates who are effective communicators. This requirement exceeds being able to convey information clearly and succinctly; it is also about being persuasive, influential, tactful and engaging. From application form stage through to the assessment centrerecruiters, interviewers and assessors will scrutinise your communication skills.

Read our guidance on effective communication to avoid falling short in this area. Your university degree and any additional activities you were involved in during your course, such as extracurricular interests or societies, will be good examples to draw on in your application and at interview to prove that you have the drive and commitment that UBS is looking for.

UBS interviewers are known to ask competency-based questions to find out if you have developed a required skill through hands-on experience. Prepare examples so you can answer any teamwork questions without hesitation.So my wonders are: 1. Graduate Talent Program differ from direct-hiring? Are there diffs in salary, treatment, bonus? I believe it's the analyst program.

GTP program lasts for months, so basically it is different from a month analyst training that most FTs have after joining firms. Wonder why they have such program You direct to a wrong way. The website said "In rare cases, participants may be expected to conduct their own internal job search while enrolled in the program. fino a 80% disattivato herm├Ęs cinture h altro

What about stipends? Are u going to receive the same amount as a FT analyst, or do they treat you as a trainee with partial amount of salary? Are u an incoming analyst at UBS?

Btw thanks for the clarification.

UBS Internship interview

I just wonder how the program is run. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something.

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IB Resources See all. Recent Jobs See all. Arbor Blue O. Rank: Monkey Interviewed: September General Interview Information. Interview Details. After application there are two assessment tests, then a video recording interview, then interview with actual human being. The test was one math and one personality. I screwed up the math test because you need to physically click on the "submit" button for each question so it can be recordered.

So I guess the bar wasn't too high for at least the technology position Video recording has 8 questions, nothing about why UBS why this role, completely behavioral, 1 min prep and 2 min talk. Also I applied to the business analyst role under tech so it wasn't for coders.

Similar companies See all. Other Interview Data See all. Firepower Capital Toronto. Investment Analyst Investment Analyst. Rutgers University Endowment Piscataway Township. Associate 1st Year Associate. Creador Jakarta. Quantitative Analyst Intern Intern. Valkyrie Trading Atlanta. Graduate Talent Program - Technology. Overall experience Neutral. Difficulty Easy. Interview Source Applied Online. Length of Process months.

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Don't Allow Allow. Barclays Capital Investment Banking. Citigroup Investment Banking. Credit Suisse Investment Banking.Do you want to know more about the participants and dynamics of the capital markets?

You need to be in the last year of your degree and have, or be on track for, a or the equivalent in your first undergraduate degree. Or persevered and passed an exam in a subject you found challenging? We know that development opportunities are important to you and we want to make sure you you'll be successful.

That's why our graduate training program is designed to ensure that you'll have an in-depth introduction to our firm and the business you will be part of. You'll start your UBS experience by participating in UBS Discovery, a training program that will bring you up to speed on our industry, strategy, capabilities and culture. Expert advice. Wealth management. Investment banking. Asset management. Retail banking in Switzerland.

And all the support functions. That's what we do. And we do it for private and institutional clients as well as corporations around the world. We are about 60, employees in all major financial centers, in more than 50 countries.

Do you want to be one of us? We're a truly global, collaborative and friendly group of people. Having a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace is important to us. And we support your career development, internal mobility and work-life balance.

If this sounds interesting, apply now. Hide message. Your role Do you want to know more about the participants and dynamics of the capital markets? Your expertise You need to be in the last year of your degree and have, or be on track for, a or the equivalent in your first undergraduate degree. Your Program We know that development opportunities are important to you and we want to make sure you you'll be successful.

About us Expert advice. Join us We're a truly global, collaborative and friendly group of people.